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August 25, 2020 0 Categories 3G/4G Service, Internet


Offices have been proven to be less needed places of work with the recent covid-19 pandemic across the world. Things has changed and everything seems to have changed within few months not even an year. Everyone is adopting the new life style at personal level, family level and as countries. The situation seems to have affected our economic, political, social standards of our day to day life.

We have learnt we can do business and perform other tasks without personally appearing in person in this huge luxurious offices. we can can buy and sell online as well without meeting buyers and sellers in traditional markets. We can receive payments from comfort of our beds and in our own build houses. we can still markets our products without appearing physically in adverts.

Our big universities, our beautiful secondary and primary schools have as well been hit by these Corona virus. School blocks has remained dormant without any use. Some international schools and the government have put all the measures to make sure that learning should through various methods and channels of technology. Many schools in Kenya are now adopting e-learning to try encourage learners to utilise this method of learning so that they can learn from the comfort of their houses.

Social Life has as well been affected affecting the entertainment and religious activities. People have adopted to be entertained by online entertain channels as well as worshipping in online services to curb the spread of covid-19. Real entertain is more sweet from the comfort of your house via online platforms. Talents has also been discovered because comedians and artist have been doing their magic at comfort of their houses and posting in different online platforms.

To accept all this changes and new life style a need for internet connectivity has risen in Kenya and in Africa in large. To do business from comfort of your house, you need connection in your business and in your home as well. For learners to watch great tutorials of education you need a stable internet connection. To enjoy entertainment from comfort of your house you need internet connection as well. It is high time that all of us change and accept internet of things because the future is online. Let your children learn online, you don’t know how to cook you can as well ‘Google’, you don’t know how to be a smart farmer, just get yourself internet. To practise any form of business all tips to run a business are as well available online

Why do you want to remain behind, get connected and experience the new change..You need connection and not corona..

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