Who we are

T-zan Telecom

T-zan Telecom engages in the provision of internet solutions and others related value added services to its wide range of customers. The main driving force and objective of T-zan Telecom is to provide of integrated telecom services in a very efficient and professional manner. T-zan has positioned itself as a technology partner for its customers since we provide internet through point to point technology as well as wireless mechanism.

T-zan Telecom has had the privilege of providing reliable fast and affordable internet to over 200 clients spread throughout Nairobi and Kiambu Counties. You cannot talk internet within these two counties without the mention of T-zan Telecom. Our thirst for growth and the need to connect more people to the internet pushes us to expand to other regions within the country.

T-zan Telecom also prides itself in the provision of CCTV services as we carry out installation and maintenance of the same. In an ever changing world marred by the need to increase security and keep tabs on our precious resources and loved ones, T-zan Telecom has come in handy in installing CCTV Cameras thus enabling our customers to view their premises seamlessly. We have gone a notch higher to integrate these cameras with the internet so that our clients can view their premises even on the go, wherever they are!

Customer Segment : 

We have managed to connect a variety of customers within the ever changing business environment and enabled them to carry out different operations efficiently. Our market comprises of the following segments:

Corporate Segment : 

1 : Corporate Segment

T-zan Telecom has built an all IP Wireless network using 4th Generation Technologies, such as (OSDM) Orthogonal frequency – Division multiplexing and (MIMO) Multiplying input and Multiplying output with 2.4 &5 GHz across the greater Kiambu and Nairobi Counties. This network has its own core next generation IT and internet application capacity frame work. We believe that this capability and foundation shall allow corporate customers to explore newer ways of getting internet to their offices and organizations and also to build Corporate Networks using some path seeking innovative concepts. Some of our corporate clients include:.

  • CUMA Refrigeration East Africa
  • Rency Insurance
  • Valley Gate Shelter Limited
  • Starlight Properties
  • South Breeze Properties
  • Naidu Hospital
  • Caritas Community Hospital
  • Medix East Africa

1: Corporate and educational campus:

Direct delivered Internet leased line over secure wireless last mile, hence provides media diversity and service provider. Redundancy to meet the Internet needs of the organisations. We are here with forwarding you the best quotation for the above said services for your kind perusal and favorable consideration. We assure of our value added services and prompt attention at all the times and look forward to serve your esteemed organization and provide you the high quality service.Some of the institutions we serve include :

  • Nairobi Institute of E-Commerce
  • Ruiru Girls’ High School
  • Agape School
  • Wankan Primary
  • Wankan College

3 : Residential Segment

For homes and apartment buildings we are the masters.We are here to ensure that you stay connected even while at home so that your work and social presence is not reduced at all.We also offer redundancy links to those in homes so that downtime does not affect their browsing at all.We have done networking in some buildings and supplied internet in all units within such buildings.Such buildings are therefore termed as being ‘internet ready’.Some of these buildings include:

  • The Ritz Apartments
  • Jawangu Apartments
  • Railway view Apartments
  • Georgina Apartments
  • Paradise Apartments
  • Mall Apartments
  • Gracious Apartments
  • Nairo View Plaza
  • Diamond Plaza

We at T-zan are also involved in software and website development.Our expertise also stretches to and beyond Android and iOS mobile apps. development.

We are here to forward you the best quotation for the above said services for your kind perusal and favorable consideration.We assure all our customers of our value added services and prompt attention at all times and look forward to serving your esteemed organization and provide you with high quality service as you focus on the core functions of your business.

our team

Meet T-Zan Dedicated Team:

Tillen Victor
As the C.E.O,I am charged with the making of major co-operate decisions and management of T-Zan's overall operations.
Esther Kimotho
Organisation Administrator
I am in charge of the management of T-zan's groups and their co-ordination and also in the planning of T-zans operations.
John Kariuki
Lead Network Admin
I am responsible for the development overall layout and production designs for T-zan's various systems.
Munyingi Ian
Lead Software Development
I am charged with the task of developing websites and software including Android and iOS mobile applications.