Packages Offered

Below are some of the internet packages we offer to our clients varying needs:

Corporate package

T-Zan online is building an all IP wireless network using modern and up to-date technologies. We believe that this foundation which has topmost capabilities shall allow corporate and educational institute customers to explore newer ways of getting internet to their offices and schools, and also to build corporate networks using some path seeking innovative concepts.

In corporate, we offer direct delivered internet leased line over secure wireless distances, hence provide media diversity and service provision. We do everything in our ability to reach the internet needs of our client organizations.

We are hereby to deliver the above said services for your kind perusal and favorable consideration. We assure you of great dedication and look forward to serve your esteemed organization and provide you high quality services.

Key product features:-

  • 1:1 symmetric Bandwidth
  • Static Public IP on dual
  • Stringiness SLA: Available 99%
  • Redundancy Link
  • 24*7*365 Days

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Educational Institutions

T-Zan is authorized to provide Leased line internet and also offers solution of internet premium dedicated bandwidth (1:1) at highly affordable prices.

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Residential package

The goal of T-Zan telecom is to provide its subscribers a high speed internet bandwidth capable of supporting increasing suite of application catering to their information, Communication and Entertainment needs.

Key product features:-

  • Competitive and Affordable prices
  • Truly unlimited download
  • 24/7 support system with technical guidance

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Businesses and SME(s) package

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