CCTV Installation

We offer CCTV Camera installation services.

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Internet installation and setup

We provide internet services at different packages for homes, institutions of learning, Corporate organisations among many more.

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Other services

Web, Software and Mobile Application development

Besides offering internet services we also offer other computing and development.

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Packages Offered

Below are some of the internet packages we offer to our clients varying needs:


T-zan online is building an all IP wireless network using modern and up to-date technologies.

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Educational Institutions

T-zan is authorized to provide Leased line internet and also offers solution of internet....

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For homes and apartment buildings we are the masters.We are here to ensure that you stay connected....

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SME(s) and Other Businesses

T-zan Telecom engages in the provision of internet solutions...

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Businesses and SME(s)
Academic Institutions
Corporate Organisations

Solutions Offered!

Below on your Right is a list of the types services we offer. And on the right is a link to our speed test, Click the white circle to go to speed test.

Happy Clients

Here is what our clients say about us.

"This is the most convenient internet provider and it has ensured smooth running of my business."

— Michael Munyingi

"Wow, definitely the best internet provider."

— Morris Kaloki

"T-zan has improved my entertainment experience at home with their fast and reliable internet speeds.Keep up T-zan ."

— Alice Nkirote